Lori Atwood

About Me

Lori Atwood Gulin (hereafter referred to as Lori Atwood) has worked in finance for almost 20 years, most recently spending the last five years as an investment and financial consultant, for foundations, institutions and individuals. Working with individuals to help them understand their financial situation and what they can do to create a brighter financial future or simply have more left at the end of the month is her passion.

Lori’s experience in investment banking and financial consulting combined with her passion for helping families and individuals get to where they want to go financially allow her to turn complicated financial practices into easy to use financial tools.  Lori’s approach and simple processes can help allay fears and anxiety and get you comfortable with your financial situation. Knowing your situation is the first step to making positive changes that can get you where you want to be.

Lori started her finance career in telecom investment banking in Europe.  She then became the CFO of a 20-person internet start-up where she oversaw the sale of that company to a larger one.  After the sale, Lori went back to banking as an investment consultant managing assets for institutions, foundations and high net worth families.

Before becoming a mom, Lori worked in private equity for a small emerging markets fund.   Lori decided to spend more time with her daughter, but she keeps her financial skills honed and knowledge current by consulting for several clients on a variety of investment opportunities and working with individuals and families to get where they want to be financially.

Lori has an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree from Georgetown University.  In her free time, she loves to cook, go to boot camp and most of all, spend time with her husband and daughter.

Lori is a CFP® Professional and Lori Atwood Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.