Lori Atwood


Who Does Lori Work With?
Lori Atwood, has been in finance for over 20 years and believes that people can and should be fearless about their finances whether it’s their household or small business finances. Imagine knowing you are spending less than you earn each month, saving what you need for the future, and feeling a lot less stress about your finances.

Lori works with college grads, newlyweds, new parents, families, and soon-to-be retirees to know their income, expenses, debt, savings and financial goals. Lori looks at household cash flow, debt and savings, retirement planning and goal-setting to help people live the life they want to lead without fear and anxiety about their finances.

Starting a new business can be as stressful as any other major life event. Will it work? Will you get customers? Can you manage a business while still providing high quality services to your clients? All great questions, but none of them looks at the finances of your new business. Lori works with business owners to know if they are priced right, how much money their business is making and how much money they can take out of their business for themselves.

Lori Atwood works with start-ups, small businesses and solo practitioners to build a strong financial foundation with critical cash flow analysis, revenue and pricing models, goal-setting, financing analysis and growth planning. She shows business owners who are not “finance people” how to feel confident about their business and financial decisions.

Why is Lori Atwood Financial Planning Different and How Does She Work?

Lori Atwood, CFP(r), does not take commissions from anyone and has no affiliations. Lori's only priority is your financial security. Lori Atwood, CFP(r) is a fiduciary and will act in your best interest only. Lori also charges clients by the hour and you pay for only the time you are meeting with her. Lori works with clients by video conferencing, skype, phone or in person in the Washington DC metro area. She can come to your office or meet at her office in Farragut North at 1717 K Street NW, Washington DC.

Generally, the initial phase of planning lasts about 2-4 hours spread over 2-3 meetings, depending on the details of your situation. Thereafter, once you have your plan in place, Lori likes to meet every year for a check-in to make adjustments and updates to your plan or when you have a life change like a new job or new house. Lori is always available for questions by email, free of charge. You always have Lori at your side when you face big decisions like buying a new house or changing jobs to help you think about the financial ramifications of the decision.

Email Lori at lori@loriatwood.com to inquire about making an appointment or send me a message via the Contact page.